Unknown number? Google will now tell you which company is calling you and why

Verified Calls is now available on Android. Shows the name of the company, its logo and the reason for the call

Google has introduced a new function – available in Brazil, Spain, the United States, India and Mexico – that will tell users which company is behind an unknown number, if it is verified and even the reason for the call. The company hopes to solve the doubts of the people who receive the call, but also to increase the number of times the phone is picked up.

“Businesses often rely on calls to reach new customers or provide services to existing ones,” the company explains on its blog. However, the multitude of unwanted calls that everyone receives throughout the day means that on many occasions those that arrive from an unknown number are ignored.

Thus, the search engine wants to solve this problem with its Verified Calls function, which will display the company name, its logo, the reason for the call and a verification icon. If this symbol appears, it means that Google has verified the authenticity of the company. The entire process is carried out without Google collecting or storing “personally identifiable information” after verification.

At the moment the function is available by default in the Google call application, which is pre-installed on almost all phones with its operating system, Android. In addition, it will be available for download this week for those who delete it or have a device that uses its own app.

Google has tested the tool with several companies for several months and ensures that it increases the probability that the recipient of the calls will pick up the phone. This, they explain, has been especially practical when a bank has tried to contact its customers to alert them of possible fraudulent transactions or when a transport company wants to contact a person they cannot locate to deliver a package.