Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

While many brands that fight fiercely to dominate the mid-range try to do so by confusing and stunning the consumer with their offer, Samsung has armed with its A series a natural, sincere, and well-endowed alternative. Still, for which we know we will pay something more.

The new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is the most outstanding model in this range for 2022. It arrives on the market as a reinforced smartphone like never before and does not hide its impressive successes or its minor flaws. We talk about all this in this complete analysis.

AMOLED screen with 120 Hz

Samsung has not wanted to risk too much when configuring the screen of its new mid-range reference model. Therefore, we have a large 6.5-inch screen with FullHD resolution protected against scratches and impacts with Gorilla Glass 5. Very standard.
The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G screen is SuperAMOLED with Full HD resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate, but not adaptive.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G panel is of the SuperAMOLED type and has a 120 Hz screen refresh, but it is not adaptive. We can only choose between the options if we want that extra fluidity in the interface or, on the contrary, we prefer some energy savings with its deactivation.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G screen more than meets what we expect from a terminal of this range and price. There are no giant fissures at a technical level; always looking carefully at its price tag and placement in its field.

We have, for example, a brightness that reaches 800 nits and allows good viewing in environments with intense ambient light. It does not offer HDR certification but very high contrast and successful factory calibration.

We can choose two color profiles among its options: Intense and Natural. And within them, we can tweak the white balance for an even more personal setting.

On the panel, we find not a usual notch but a small hole for the front camera that does not bother anything, it is well centered and attached to the upper area, and thanks to this, it goes pretty unnoticed.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has a fingerprint sensor under the screen.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G screen hides another secret: the fingerprint reader. It is of the optical type, it has a somewhat extended initial configuration, but later the identification is solvent in terms of precision, although not immediate as in high-end terminals. If we combine it with face identification, the experience is correct.

One not-so-positive news that the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G has brought us is the disappearance of the headphone port. Although the previous generation still maintained it, Samsung has decided to bury it already in this new model. Bad news for those without adapters in between were users of wired headphones with their mobile phones.

To enjoy the sound of this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, we must resort to wireless devices or, if we prefer, the sound offered by the speakers.
Although we lose the 3.5 mm port at the sound level, the experience with the speakers of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is very satisfactory.

And here, we have excellent news in the form of mighty, balanced sound (even with the presence of bass) and with enough immersive sensation to enjoy it with multimedia content or playing games.

Sound Options

The sound is Dolby Atmos, and we have many configuration options in the terminal. In addition, the distribution of sound between the main speaker (in the lower frame) and the secondary speaker is one of the most balanced that we have found in this range, and there is no critical loss of loudness when covering the main speaker. This equipment dramatically benefits the game because we usually hold the phone, and the sound is hardly penalized.

If last year’s Samsung Galaxy A52 introduced us to a renewed design for the A series, the new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G repeats the same formula but improves it where last year we found small cracks, not literally.

Let’s start with what caused us the most doubts: the finish of the terminal. Speaking of a mid-range of around 400 euros, not using glass could be a wall for those consumers who pay special attention to this aspect of the design of a smartphone for which they have spent a good amount of money.

However, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G repeats the use of polycarbonate as the construction material of the rear. Of the terminal, something that continues to leave us with some doubts about the visual and handheld value of the phone but that, on the other hand, convinces us with its advantages. And at the finish level, the treatments for both plastic and glass are visually very close.
Although the finish is polycarbonate, all the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G design details are well thought out and look great.

The most relevant is everything that the use of plastic entails when it comes to offering a light terminal with a certain sense of robustness (the resistance profile is IP67). On the hand, it is comfortable and relatively safe to hold because of the straight lines of its edges.

In addition, it is delightful equipment to the touch and attractive visually both for the colors in pastel tones and far from the shrillness for which Samsung has opted, as well as for the well-finished lines and how well it handles the issue of fingerprints/dirt said back of the telephone.

We like the touch of distinction that the camera module integrated into the back cover provides continuously.

Another very well-achieved design element is the integration of the aluminum frame in the design language, thanks to the enamel in a similar tone to the rest of the phone.

The physical controls of this Samsung Galaxy A53 5G are all on the same side, the right. In such a tall terminal, this means that for many users, the volume controls are located in an area of ​​limited reach without making strange gestures that always endanger the integrity of the smartphone due to a possible fall.