Cold or hot: This is how Sony’s new air conditioner works to carry inside your clothes

It costs 114 euros and is a little bigger than a pack of cigarettes. It can also be used to warm the body during the winter months

In the middle of spring, the sweltering heat of summer seems far away. The average temperatures during the day allow to carry out daily tasks without any stress, an unthinkable circumstance when the mercury touches or even exceeds 40 degrees.

With this in mind, Sony updates its solution to keep the sun’s heat at bay and launches Reon Pocket 2, a portable air conditioner that promises to be twice as powerful as its 2020 version, at a cost of 114 euros.

Available for now only in Japan, the dimensions of this device are similar to those of its predecessor (11.6 x 5.4 x 2 cm), similar to the space that a tobacco pack occupies, although what does increase is its weight, due to the new design tweaks and functionalities that it includes. Specifically, it goes from 89 grams to 92, a variability barely perceptible by most users.


The real novelty is inside, with new circuitry that promises to absorb twice the heat and also supplies twice the energy to the thermal module, accompanied by a material change that optimizes its operation. As in the model that precedes it, this device serves both as air conditioning and built-in heating.

The silicon cooling surface of its first version is replaced by stainless steel, an ideal material due to its low thermal conductivity, which also adds robustness.

Sony seems to have taken into account some requests from the community and customers for the first version of this device, since a silicone coating is included to prevent allergic reactions. Regarding the temperature levels, Reon Pocket 2 adds one more level, four in total, to further customize the settings to the user’s taste and the outside temperature.

The electronic components are sealed and although it does not offer a ‘waterproof’ guarantee, it does increase the activities compatible with the use of that Sony device thanks to its resistance to sweat. While its first version was recommended for teleworking, moments of rest and travel, this device can be used in light activities such as hiking or playing golf.


The first Reon Pocket received low ratings from users who bought it from Amazon due to the short battery life. This aspect is still a pending issue for Sony, since this new edition of the device, by doubling its power, the battery lasts even less.

The Reon Pocket 2 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with which you can get up to four hours of use on level one heat or cold and between an hour and a half and two hours at full power (level 4). Thanks to the possibility of plugging this device into an external battery, the use at maximum power can be extended up to 3 hours in cold mode and ten hours in warm mode.

As with the previous version, this device connects to a mobile application via Bluetooth. The software can interpret contextual data, including temperature and type of activity, to set the most optimal temperature level.


The downside of having to buy special garments, including a compartment designed for this Sony portable air conditioner, is left behind thanks to a new accessory. It is a neck band with which you can adjust the device to any type of clothing, which is also sold separately at a price of 11 euros.

Additionally, Sony has partnered with various sportswear brands such as Le Coq Sportif, Descente Golf and Munsingwear to release compatible jerseys.