Vivo Y72 5G Review

Vivo Y72 5G Review

The new Vivo Y72 5G arrived on the Spanish market this summer, a smartphone committed to differentiating itself from its competitors.

We are talking about a device that we can buy for about €300, a little less than what it costs according to the manufacturer. Throughout the deep analysis we have carried out, it has shown us its lights and shadows. Shall we start?

An elegantly thoughtful design

The first time we had the new Vivo Y72 5G in our hands, we noticed its careful design, how thin it is, and that it weighs less than 200 grams, 193 grams exactly, which we appreciate daily.

A few minutes after using it, we discovered its rear panel with rainbow highlights hides a fingerprint magnet. Something that we can solve using the cover that is included.

Visually it captures the attention of those who see it, whether in the Graphite Black finish or the so-called Dream Glow from our analysis. Added to this is an overall smooth feel when using the device.

If we tour the metal frame that embraces the screen, we find the headphone jack, the USB 2.0 Type C port, and the only speaker, the new Vivo, makes available.

Although if we have to highlight two elements, these are the side fingerprint reader that is incorporated into the power button. And the camera module, with a very professional design, manages to stand out above the rest.

An unusual screen

Recently, we are used devices with AMOLED screens, crazy refresh rates, or fingerprint readers under the screen. We will not find any of that in the new Vivo Y72 5G.

We have a 6.58-inch screen in an IPS panel and a 2400 x 1080 pixels resolution. Despite not having the latest fashions on the screen, it is one of the best screens that your eyes can observe within its range.

The hidden card up the sleeve in the new Vivo is to offer a screen with notable sharpness and richness in the representation of colors that makes you doubt if you are not in front of an AMOLED screen. The multimedia experience is satisfying.

Ok, yes, we admit it… we miss a refresh rate above 60 Hz. But to be honest, it is something we forget after using it for a while. Something very different from what happens to us with sound.

The only speaker we have sounds good, but we do not demand high volume levels. Stereo speakers would have been the icing on the cake for a multimedia experience that has surprised us. Excellent detail to include headphones with the phone, yes, sir.

Dimension 700, a different bet

Another of the differentiating elements of the new Vivo Y72 5G is the choice of processor, a Mediatek Dimensity 700, a mid-range processor from the manufacturer’s latest batch.

Many will have felt a chill when reading Mediatek, but I would ask you to continue reading. Completing the set, we find 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage make more than the solvent team.

Thanks to system updates, the performance has evolved in all these weeks that we have analyzed it. We are going from an experience that cast doubts to reach a remarkable smoothness and speed of response.

If we talk about performance in the most playful aspect, we have had to lower the graphic levels in demanding games like Genshin Impact or Project Cars Go. Thus enjoying a satisfying gaming experience. However, games like Asphalt 9 have kept up with their direct rivals.

We miss a little more graphics power, although it is somewhat offset by the tremendous day-to-day performance and efficient consumption that has allowed us to use the new Vivo for hours.

Autonomy above all

One of the new Vivo Y72, 5G highlights is its autonomy, thanks to its 5000 mAh battery. Something that has allowed us to use the phone for long periods without thinking about looking for a plug.

However, following the line in the proposal of the new Vivo, we do not have ultrafast charging. We must “make do” with only 18W, which will make us wait about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get a full charge.

Something that we forget, given the excellent performance regarding autonomy, either in everyday use or doing heavy use of the device. Proof of this has been to have a 60% charge after 3 hours of taking photos without rest. Worthy of praise.

Funtouch OS, positive evolution

Hardware without one at its height is useless, a detail that we sometimes forget. And our protagonist, the new Vivo Y72, is sound proof of the validity of this phrase. Thanks to the evolution in each system update.

We have Android 11, with a security patch. Everything is under the umbrella of OS 11.1, a relatively clean user layer with a high degree of customization.

The only drawback that we can highlight is the presence of some pre-installed applications that we have been able to uninstall without problems—predominating above all the softness and response in the day-to-day.