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Social Media Promotions

The promotion of a product is an essential aspect of making it known and increasing its sales. So much so that this aspect is one of the key elements that make up the 4Ps of the Marketing Mix: Price, Product, Place, Promotion (Price, Product, Distribution, and Communication / Promotion). In this article, we focus on promoting a product on social media.
promotion of a product

Surely you have ever asked yourself: How can I give visibility to my product? How can I promote a product easily and effectively? we have the answer, with raffles on social networks.

There are many types of giveaways, but all of them work when looking for the product promotion goal. The key is to highlight the product in a fun and striking way not to go unnoticed. Giving a product is always a good claim.

Focus your efforts on the most important social networks for your company and bet on making periodic giveaways on them. Apart from helping you with your product marketing plan, these actions will help you get more engagement and brand awareness online.

Here are 4 examples of product promotion by social network to inspire you. You will see that each draw highlights the characteristics of the product in a different way and that each brand uses its own weapons of seduction. We are going to explain them.

This Instagram comment giveaway from Phoenix Arts Europe – a maker of high-quality canvas, stretcher, and fine art supplies – borders on perfection. With a meticulous design, the entire draw revolves around the product. The main image to attract attention with the word raffle, through the many images of the products that make up the packs, ending with the final image explaining the participation requirements. All very visual.

example of promoting a product on Instagram

We also see that in the publication’s text, much emphasis is placed on the products that make up the raffled packs, all to highlight the great opportunity that represents participating in a raffle with this quality of prizes.

In conclusion, with this giveaway, the company manages to promote its products by showing them repeatedly. Also, impact your target audience with the dynamics of the comments draw: they relate the draw with their target through a question that users must answer: As an artist, what is your great love of oil or watercolor?

What do we understand by good promotions on social networks?

In other posts we commented on the importance of carrying out promotions on social networks in your marketing strategy. And it is that including them (if you do it well) will bring you very good results.

Social media promotions are a great practice to reach a wider audience. The best? That a good campaign does not necessarily imply a large budget.

There are no excuses for not including promotions on social media in your strategy.

But first, a brief summary of what you DO and what you should NOT even think about.
Good promotions on social networks

When we talk about good promoting posts on social networks, we refer to those that meet a series of requirements.

Before considering any contest, be clear and defined your Social Media Plan. Why? Because based on the objectives and the strategy you set, it will be easier for you to choose and frame the promotions.
Unless you have a 100% committed community (complicated), our advice is to bet on simple mechanics. Thus, encouraging participation will be more accessible, and you will achieve greater virtualization.
You will find a great mechanics offer if you cannot think of simple mechanics within the Cool Tabs applications. Take a look; you are sure to find a perfect one for your brand.
Another aspect you must take care of to make a good social media campaign is the legal basis. These must be clear. And if you do not want to have unpleasant surprises, adapt them to the social network regulations where you launch your raffle, contest, or promotion.

Bad promotions on social media

It is important that you know the characteristics that make your promo a bad promotion.

The first is to propose to your community mechanics that are complicated or that are not entirely clear. But if you offer a prize that has little to do with your brand in addition to complicated mechanics, the result will be a bad promotion.
Whenever you launch your promotions on social networks, there must be a match between the mechanics and the prize. You can also propose a simple mechanic and an exclusive compensation if you want to throw the house out the window.
Asking for too much data can be a requirement that slows down participation. Think that many users do not want to give information beyond their contact information.
Trusting that users will reach your promo on their own is a mistake. The reality is that no matter how good your promotion is, users will not contact it if you don't promote it. That is why it will be very beneficial to include advertising in your campaigns.
And finally, it is essential that you include clear legal bases and adapted to the regulations. Otherwise, many doubts will arise that you will have to manage, and participation will decrease enormously.