pharmaceutical and hygiene industries as suitable options for short-term investment

Interview with Duman Sahand, Capital Market Analyst

While the majority of countries are distributing Covid-19 vaccines, various businesses are concerned about activity in the post-Covid era. We interviewed Duman Sahand, a capital market analyst and investor, in this regard.

What is your opinion about business during the post-Covid era?

The structure of investment and capital market is inclined towards overcoming stagnation and regaining balance. Usually, during a crisis, several businesses sustain losses. However, there are other businesses that not only experience no loss but also achieve considerable growth. For instance, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry underwent stagnation while E-commerce, especially Online sale websites, experienced significant growth. I believe that within the next 12 months the fields that sustained losses will try to restore balance and rapidly reconstruct their markets and it will slow down the growth of E-commerce.

What are the most significant and profitable fields of business for investment?

In the short term, the pharmaceutical industry and hygiene product companies will gain great profit, however, the electric cars industries, plus monetary and banking industries long for changes and new products. Therefore, businesses that work in these fields can be considered good options for long-term investment.

Iranian investors are inclined towards investing in digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, what is your opinion in this regard?

In general, I have no special opinion regarding Iranian investors and fields of investment in Iran and my main focus is global market analysis. My only advice to the people of my country is to learn from last year’s experience in the stock exchange and avoid getting ripped off in other markets.

Douman Sahand

Angel investor