An oil-free fryer? Yes, but let it be from Ikohs: double function and no smoke or smell for 60 euros

On many occasions, in kitchens we tend to accumulate utensils that, although at first they seem very useful given their popularity, they end up being banished to the bottom of the drawers and, therefore, we hardly use them. Of course, when someone comes to this room who discovers a world of possibilities … we no longer know how to live without it! Oil-free fryers belong to the latter group, since they have revealed a world of culinary alternatives by subtracting calories from delicious and usually unhealthy recipes. Thus, this device allows us to enjoy croquettes, squid and chips in a healthier version.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they have become indispensable in many kitchens, something to which their compact size contributes, which allows them to be placed or stored anywhere. Those who have not yet been captivated by the benefits of these devices should know that they only use a few drops of oil to cook food, that they are fast, effective and, in addition, they achieve the necessary texture in record time. Are you still going to resist this gadget?

the best features of this model

Healthy and clean kitchen. Thanks to the high technology with which it has been conceived, this small appliance uses hot air circulating at a high temperature to cook food without the need to add any fat. Thus, you can fry very lightly and cleanly, without filling your kitchen with smoke and odors, and, of course, without giving up the textures and flavors of this preparation. Who has craved some perfect croquettes or french fries?
More than a deep fryer. In addition to its utility as an oil-free fryer, the Ikohs fryer also functions as a compact tabletop oven, where we can prepare pastries or add a touch of browning or gratin to other foods, from meat and fish to gratin pasta or vegetables. Of course, little by little: the capacity is 1.5 liters, so we cannot cook many ingredients in a single batch.
Intuitive and easy to use. With a digital display to program the time and adjust the temperature, this compact, BPA-free fryer with a fat collection tray is capable of reaching temperatures ranging from 80 to 200ºC. And all this with the security that comes with having the CE, GS & RoHS certificates.