Logitech G Pro X Superlight, the ultimate gaming mouse

Weighing only 63 grams, its lightness is an advantage for those who want to play competitive shooter video games, such as Fortnite, Counter Strike, Call of Duty or Valorant.

How important can the weight of a mouse be to play or better games like Call of Duty, Valorant, Counter Strike, Fortnite and many others that shine especially on their competitive side? That is what I asked myself not long ago.

It turns out that it is quite important and that many manufacturers have been lightening their mice for years to allow quick and precise movements to be easier to do. That’s the main reason why grams have been subtracted from mice and why there is the Logitech G Pro X Superlight, a wireless mouse weighing only 63 grams.

The Superlight looks like a clone of its cousin the Logitech G Pro Wireless, as they share design, connectivity and intentions: to be precise without cables. But the 20 grams of weight that separate the two mice can be critical for some advanced gamers.

Logitech has not subtracted anything important when it comes to reducing that weight, perhaps just the RGB lighting. But the wheel, the same buttons (now only right-handed) and the sensor Hero 25K are still inside the body of the Superlight.

It also includes Logitech’s proprietary technology and receiver to communicate mouse and computer over a low-latency 2.4Ghz connection. You shouldn’t notice a difference between using this wireless mouse and a ‘wired’ one. The receiver is unique and non-transferable, so even if you have another wireless logitech device, you must occupy a USB port on this receiver.

The only thing they have added to the mouse is a few euros more to the price. At 155 euros per unit, in white or black depending on the player’s taste, it is not exactly a cheap accessory. But since it is designed for a very specific niche of players, it can be justified.

this mouse it has been minimal

In my experience, although I have missed the bulkier body of the Logitech G503 that I have been using for years, because I have a very large hand, it did not take long to get used to this mouse and return to my usual level in my bedside game, which is Destiny 2. If the relearning curve is always very steep with a new controller, with this mouse it has been minimal.

Of course, since these mice are designed for wide movements and low sensitivity settings, something common in shooting video games, a good and wide mousepad is necessary so that its power is not wasted. The smooth scrolling rubbers on this mouse are especially sensitive and thin, so you can dust them if you don’t use the right mouse pad or play directly on a wooden table.