Samsung’s new robot serves drinks and collects dirty dishes

Announced at CES in Las Vegas, this robot is thinking to make our lives easier and is part of the company’s vision for a new connected home

Samsung today announced a new product: an autonomous robot that can pick up your dirty laundry, load the dishwasher, set the table and, perhaps most importantly, pour you a glass of wine and take it out for you to drink.

No more having to go to the fridge every time you want to refill your glass, because although the friendly Bot Handy does not know how to make cocktails, he is more than capable of serving you wine when you need it after a hard day at home.

Samsung has trained it to recognize objects using a camera and an artificial intelligence algorithm. In other words, this one-handed robot sees and recognizes what is in front of it. According to the company, it is part of the ‘best normality’ that is to come in the coming years.

Its design does not mimic human forms at all, as other robots can. It could be said that it looks like a robot vacuum cleaner that has been attached to a fan that, in turn, has a mechanical arm to catch things. But thanks to a black and white design and curved shapes, the sum of the parts looks very interesting.

This arm is the most important part of it, together with the camera with which you see your surroundings and which, together with a sophisticated learning system, allows you to pick up a plate without breaking it and place it in the dishwasher.

The Korean company views its creation as something halfway between a waiter and a maid, which they describe as an “extension of your kitchen, living room and any other place in your house where you need an extra hand.”