Ivanka Trump, the controversial guest of the great technology fair in Las Vegas

The daughter and adviser to the president of the United States, Ivanka Trump, faces rejection by experts in the technology industry for her lack of technical qualifications just before the grand opening speech of the Las Vegas technology fair, which will take place today at 23:00 from Spain.

The daughter of the US president will give a conference during CES 2020 in Las Vegas, something that has not liked large sectors of the world of technology

Trump will speak at CES on “The Path to the Future of Work,” which will focus on the role of technology in creating and improving the workplaces of the future.

Conference organizers have defended inviting Trump, arguing that she is the leader in the White House when it comes to job creation and economic growth through employee development, skill learning and entrepreneurship.

But her decision to give him this opportunity has received a lot of criticism, especially from women in the tech industry. “Women Who Tech,” a Facebook group about women who work in technology, have voiced opposition to the CES decision to invite Trump.

Investor Elisabeth Fullerton wrote that “this is an insult to women who work in technology. We have had a hard time in college, engineering, math, and applied science. This is what privilege gets you. I guess this is about who you know and not what you know. “

Another figure, tech analyst Carolina Milanesi, voiced her disagreement in a column published in Forbes. “The reason I’m angry is that there are so many more women in technology and in the business world who give Trump a thousand laps about how technology will change the workplace.”

Video game developer Briana Wu, who is also running for Congress for the Democratic Party in Massachusetts, criticized the decision on Twitter. “Leaving aside the policies of the Trump administration, Ivanka is not a woman of the world of technology. She is not a CEO. She has no experience. She is a vague attempt to emulate diversity,” she assured.

Ivanka Trump has not responded when asked for a comment from her representatives.

In a statement released by CES in December, Trump said she is “excited to join this year in a compelling discussion on how the government works with private sector leaders to ensure that American students and workers are prepared to thrive in life. modern and digital economy “.