How to prevent your cat from urinating on the carpet

If you’ve just adopted a kitten and she hasn’t gotten used to her new home yet, she may develop a habit of urinating on the carpet. The smell of urine is very unpleasant and tends to spread throughout the house. Also, it is very difficult to remove from carpet fibers, causing lingering odors. You should be careful, as cats tend to continue urinating in areas that already smell like urine and it is a difficult habit to correct. Here’s how to prevent your kitty from urinating on the carpet.

Go to the vet as soon as possible

There are many reasons why cats urinate outside of their litter box, including urinary tract and bladder problems. Therefore, before looking for another solution it is better that you go to the vet to rule out any medical problem. If possible, have your pet thoroughly checked, especially if you find blood in his urine or he meows when trying to urinate. These are clear signs of a bladder or urinary tract infection that you shouldn’t miss. Great care!

Quickly clears urine

Quickly cleaning the urine will help prevent your cat from using the same spot again. If possible, use an enzymatic cleaner (pet friendly) instead of ammonia. Ammonia may cause your pet to urinate more often on the carpet, as it smells similar to the urine of other cats.

If your cat continues to urinate on the carpet despite cleaning it, it is best to get rid of it.

Place a sandbox on the carpet

If your cat has become obsessed with a rug, a good idea is to place a litter box over where he likes to urinate. In this way, your pet will begin to use the litter box little by little. When you have used the box for a month, move it daily (subtly) until it is in the desired location.

Another option is to apply double-sided tape to the edges of the rugs, since cats do not usually like the feel of the tape on their paws. Put double-sided tape around the edges of the rug and in areas where your cat likes to urinate.

Change the sandpit

If your cat prefers to urinate in other areas of the house instead of using the litter box, he may not like where it is located. Move it to another place in the house, such as a low-traffic hall, bathroom, or deck.

Also, if your kitty has to make a very long trip to get to the litter box or is in an inaccessible place, this may be the reason why he is urinating on the carpet. Place several litter boxes (especially if your home is multi-story) to make it easier for him to get to them quickly.