Sustainable fashion: Springfield launches its first 100% fair trade collection

Did you know that Himalayan hemp is one of the most sustainable, resistant and lightweight fibers that exist? You don’t need herbicides or pesticides, just soil and water. Hemp fabrics are dyed with natural dyes and are the raw material for making high-quality, sustainable fashion pieces.

In collaboration with Hemper, a sustainable fashion brand B-Corp specializing in the marketing of accessories made from Nepalese hemp, Springfield has just launched its first 100% fair trade collection. A project born from the hand-in-hand work of both companies to bring together the values ​​of sustainability, craftsmanship, fair trade and authenticity. A message told through the production process of a collection in fair trade workshops, which are the root of social and environmental sustainability.

It is not Springfield’s first initiative in the field of sustainable fashion, since in 2018 the brand launched R [ECO] NSIDER, which is committed to sustainable development that ensures present needs without compromising those of future generations. Their commitment is reflected in two fundamental points: the reduction of water consumption in the production of their garments, and the use of sustainable fibers that respect the environment. For Springfield, undertaking such a movement is a great step towards promoting sustainable change in the sector.

Hemp accessories: doubly sustainable

The new collection is doubly sustainable, because it is as important to take care of the planet as it is of the people who inhabit it. The result of this work can be seen in the documentary ‘Mala Hierba’ produced by both brands. A story in which sustainability, craftsmanship, fair trade and authenticity are the true protagonists.

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