How to make the Internet safer for your children

Children’s safety when using the Internet can be increased with proper habits, smart choices and good communication, according to Avast, a company specializing in digital security and privacy products.

Last Tuesday, February 9, Safe Internet Day was celebrated, in a year in which the Covid-19 pandemic situation has caused an unprecedented increase in the use of the Internet and social networks.

They connect to the Internet more and more and there are more and more dangers online, how can minors be protected from them?

To use the Internet safely, Avast recommends that minors learn where the privacy settings are on each website and that they get into the habit of adjusting them to their most advanced settings.

Two-step authentication is a way to add an extra layer of security to access your accounts. Thus, in addition to their password, they must also authenticate through a code sent to their phone, for example.

To ensure that minors use the Internet safely, it is necessary to prevent them from publishing their personal information on the Internet (full name, address or telephone number) or revealing their passwords to strangers. Also, remember that not everyone is who they say they are on the Internet.

Also, according to the Avast Security Evangelist, Luis Corrons, we must “remind them that everything they publish on the Internet remains forever, so they should think twice before uploading photos, videos or posting comments they may regret.”

To avoid cyberbullying situations, good communication with minors based on trust should be promoted so that, if they are victims or witnesses of these abuses, they know how to ask an adult for help and do not hide it. And also turn to the elderly if they find something on the Internet that bothers them.