How can you protect your mobile from open WIFI networks?

The latest study prepared by the IPSOS company for Samsung on cybersecurity highlights that 72% of Spaniards are concerned about the security of their terminal. According to this report, there are identified more than 1,200 companies related to pre-installed applications and 11,000 libraries with commercial activities. But what about open WIFI networks?

When one needs free WIFI or is looking for a public network to connect outside the home or office, we give our personal data a lottery chance. Criminals take advantage of this type of public networks to launch their attacks both in the form of data capture and by integrating malicious software (malware) that allows the control of someone else’s terminal.

The Study on Security and Privacy regarding mobile telephony shows that 40% of clients in the national market are unaware of the different threats posed by irresponsible use of mobile phones. But, in addition, only 60% see a relevant issue the insecurity of public or open WIFI.

Among the dangers is lack of privacy, identity theft, the possibility of device infection or the theft of sensitive data. Among the simplest tips to combat this type of attack, the use of GPS stands out exclusively when we need it, avoiding its connection permanently.

From the Samsung brand they also offer a series of recommendations to enjoy our terminals without worrying about our devices that we highlight below:

Beware of public WIFI. It is advisable to always connect using a VPN service and not browse sensitive information on WIFI Spots.
Theft of keys and passwords. To avoid this, it is best to always use biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition) and create a secure backup password.
Apps permission to access personal data. First of all, we must make sure that we have the antivirus installed. Also application downloads must be done in official and reliable stores such as Google Play and Galaxy Apps.
Request for updates. It is very common for our device to request updates, in this case it is convenient to check if it is an improvement in functionality or security. In this case, the update should be scheduled at night with a secure WIFI network
Access to our cards or bank details. It is very sensitive information and the ideal is not to give any facility using biometrics as a password and complex pin codes.

Attack on servers. No one is alien to this threat, so it is advisable to change passwords on a regular basis.

On the other hand, it is worth highlighting the Samsung Secure Wifi functionality that by connecting through this system you can protect 100% your identity, data and all private information. With an encryption system, all the information starts from your terminal without anyone having access. It also disables the tracking of your personal data by apps and websites. In this way, no one can see the content you write on the screen, as well as the passwords and bank details.

Along with this system, the Asian firm offers a Secure Folder as a tool, in the style of a virtual safe, in which it safely stores photos, documents, contacts and even conversations, among other functionalities. Your access will be solely by fingerprint.