Elon Musk leaves Twitter

The businessman and main visible face of Tesla announces that he is temporarily leaving the social network for no apparent reason

Elon Musk is an important man. It is important and controversial, because every time he opens his mouth, he raises the bread. Or bitcoin, which for that matter is the same on the Internet. However, now we will have to find out about his ideas elsewhere, as he will temporarily leave the social network Twitter, where he has been most present in recent years.

Musk is the main face behind Tesla, the multi-million dollar electric car company, as well as other projects and companies such as SpaceX or The Boring Company. He is a controversial figure who draws praise and criticism alike, although the consensus in most Internet forums is that he is a ‘real world Iron Man’.

The reason why he leaves Twitter is unknown. He has communicated it in a brief message that does not imply anything beyond the literal: that he leaves the social network for the moment. His account is still available and it is possible to access his past tweets, but it does not seem that he will publish more at the moment.

talk with both strangers and followers

This departure from Twitter may be due to his recent comments on Clubhouse, a new trendy social network in which, instead of writing or making videos, you can open public or private voice chats to talk with both strangers and followers .

At his Clubhouse premiere, Musk discussed the phenomenon of Reddit, GameStop and Wall Street, bitcoins and also some of his future plans for Tesla and his other companies. Perhaps talking too much about them is what has led to this temporary exit from Twitter: Musk is famous for going off his tongue, making jokes out of place or soaking up an Internet humor that does not make his shareholders too funny.

Musk’s convening power on Twitter is undeniable, and the controversies and problems that he has generated by his comments are a good example of this. In 2018, he joked about taking Tesla out of the stock market if it reached a price tag of $ 420 per share, something that was not going to happen at all because the figure is nothing more than a reference to a popular internet joke. However, the company’s investors had cold sweats for months from Musk’s attitude.