get six pack

get six pack

Do not be fooled; getting the body you want is not easy or fast. To have defined abs and make it permanent, you have to change your current habits completely, which do not let you reach your goal. From this moment, we already warn you: changing your lifestyle is not easy, and making a radical change overnight will not work.

That is why it is best to go little by little, not lose sight of what the objective is, and adapt our habits to those that will help us. Start small things changed and, without realizing it, you will be able to see results. But what do you have to change to get strong and defined abs? We leave you 25 tips so that, once and for all, you can show off your ‘six-pack.’

Define your goal.

And, first of all, make it manageable, don’t set long-term goals or impossible things. Start with something simple that is a challenge, but you can do it. To help you, write it down where you can see it every day; there are times when we need a reminder of why we do what we are doing. For example, I want to lose 4 kilos in a month. Weigh yourself before doing it and take some control to check your progress.

Drink the right fluids

It happens to all of us. It is not a novelty; the beer with the colleagues loses us. Please do not give up on it; focus on the liquids you ingest daily and start avoiding those that do not suit you. For example, eat with soda? No, swap it for lemon water; A coke in the afternoon? Avoid it; it is better to have a coffee alone if you need to wake up. And do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water; leave a full glass next to your desk to drink from time to time.

Decrease carbohydrates and avoid junk food

These are the two things that contribute the most to generating fat in the abdomen area. We are not saying that you stop eating pasta or rice, but we are saying that you choose it at the right time (for example: for dinner, no) and not more than twice a week.

About junk food, try to avoid it whenever you can. But, if you’ve been watching your diet all week, don’t obsess over eating a hamburger on the weekend.
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Eat more good foods

There is no limit when it comes to fruits and vegetables; you can eat as many as you need to stay full. One tip is to always carry several pieces of fruit with you for when hunger strikes and start the meal with a salad to fill yourself up earlier. If you are full, you will not need to resort to other foods that divert you from your path.

Lift weights

They should be a fundamental part of your training routine. Do not put on weights that are easy for you; the goal is to burn fat, and you will only achieve this if you lift a weight that is a challenge for you.

  1. The key is in the intervals

many studies have shown that doing interval exercise is much more effective for burning fat. We refer, for example, to HIIT, in which 45 minutes of work make a result similar to that of more than an hour of conventional training. Intersperse your days of strength exercises with activities such as CrossFit, boxing, or spinning; you will see results faster.

Don’t focus your exercises on a specific area

Not by doing 200 sit-ups a day will you burn the fat accumulated in that area. You have to work your entire body for calorie burning to be effective. And, one piece of advice, if it costs you more to go to the gym after work, maybe you should try doing it in the morning, everyone has to find their moment.

Keep track of your food

many applications can help you with this and, it is clear that seeing all the calories you eat per day gives you a new perspective of what you are putting into your body and how many you should burn in the gym. Because to lose weight, there is only one rule: the caloric deficit.

Therefore, the number of metameres that we have and how they are arranged and is something that is genetically determined. That is to say, and we cannot influence it through diet or exercise: each has the metameres that he has, and his disposition cannot be changed.

This is why you will see people who mark more or less abdominal squares, and also people who have them “ordered” symmetrically and others who are staggered.

Perhaps having symmetrical abs can be more aesthetic, especially if we talk about bodybuilding competitions or similar. At the user level, I think that marking them (which is quite complicated for many, since the last traces of fat accumulate in this area) is more than enough.