Roomba i3 +: a somewhat cheaper vacuum cleaner that brings its own tank

Roomba today presented two new models of smart vacuum cleaner: the most economical i3 and the i3 +, which comes with its own tank so you don’t have to clean it with each use

iRobot, the parent company of Roomba smart vacuum cleaners, today announced two new cleaning robots: Roomba i3 + and Roomba i3, both of which are very similar with the exception that the ‘plus’ model has a tank to store dirt after each cleaning. .

Not that he wants to keep the crap for himself, no. The logic behind this accessory that goes on the charging base makes a lot of sense: instead of emptying the robot vacuum cleaner after each use, it empties into a tank that has a bag similar to the old conventional vacuum cleaners that only have to be cleaned. or throw once every so often, which can be a month or two or three depending on how much we vacuum.

The i3 + deposit has already been included in the past in two other models, the i7 + and the i9 +, both of the highest range and above the figure of 1,000 euros. In comparison, the i3 + costs ‘only’ 700 euros. If you want this new model without the deposit, the new Roomba i3 costs 449 euros.

Roomba 600

The main novelty of the Roomba i3 + is its tracking in straight lines, which allows you to clean several rooms and better understand what is around you, be it carpets, children or animal feeders. Its cleaning system is made up of two rollers and a brush, as well as a suction unit 10 times more powerful than the previous model in its mid-range, the Roomba 600.

Finally, it also has a management application, iRobot Home, from which you can establish various cleaning patterns and even give orders out loud. The company renewed its application a few months ago to make all its operation less automatic and allow greater customization according to the user’s taste.

The Roomba i3 + is now available for purchase on the brand’s official website, although it will take a few more days to reach other sellers.