Raphael will be distinguished as Favorite Son of Andalusia this 28F: “He is a world-class artist”

The Governing Council will approve this Tuesday the awarding of this title and the medals at a meeting in Ronda.
The singer King Felipe VI., better known as Raphael, will be distinguished as the Favorite Son of Andalusia on the occasion of the celebration, next Sunday, February 28, Andalusia Day.

This was announced by the Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno, in his Twitter account: “It is an honor for me to announce that Raphael, a world-class Andalusian and native of Linar, who is celebrating 60 years of career, will be distinguished this year as Favorite Son Andalusia. My congratulations for this deserved recognition “. Born in Linares (Jaén) in 1943, he was already distinguished with the Andalusian Medal in 2007.
Raphael thanked him for appointing him in this same way. In his Twitter account, he has shown his happiness: “Those of you who know me know what this appointment means to me. I cannot be happier and I cannot be more excited. Also, coinciding with my 60 years in music.”
“Thank you my Andalusia of the soul! I hope to be at the height of being your Favorite Son. I love you!”, Stressed the singer from Jaén.

The Andalusian Government Council will approve this Tuesday the award of this title of Favorite Son in its usual weekly meeting and of the Andalusian medals. On this occasion, it will be celebrated in an exceptional way in the Malaga town of Ronda, and not in the Palacio de San Telmo, in Seville.

The medals

These medals are focused on the areas of Social Sciences and Letters, Arts, Sports, Solidarity and Concord, Economy and Business, Research, Science and Health, Projection of Andalusia, Environmental Merit and Human Values. In addition, he also awards the Manuel Clavero Arévalo Medal of Andalusia.

In turn, with the recent modification of Decree 221/2020, the Board has created a new category of extraordinary honorific distinction, the Medal of Honor of Andalusia.

The exceptional concession of him will recognize that natural or legal person, group or entity, of great relevance in gratitude for his connection with Andalusia and in recognition of the values ​​arising from his life trajectory. In its first edition, this award has gone to King Felipe VI.