Ignacio Aguado will go to 8-M “even if they throw stones” and Villacís assures that Cs is not going “in any way”

Ignacio Aguado and Begoña Villacís have spoken this Wednesday about their attendance at the demonstration for International Women’s Day, March 8, in the opposite direction. The vice president of the Community of Madrid has ensured that Citizens will be “even if they spit on us – he said – or throw cans at us.” The vice mayor of Madrid maintains that the mere celebration of these marches is a “very great irresponsibility” and affirms that her party will not be “in any way”.

This Wednesday, the Government Delegation in Madrid has announced the authorization of some of the mobilizations proposed by feminist organizations in the Community as long as they do not exceed 500 people. For Villacís, “nobody understands why there cannot be more than two cohabitants of two family units in a house, there cannot be more than six people seated at a table, but there can be 500 people without any type of regulation and without any kind protocol “.

The deputy mayor considers that the central government “stumbles over the same stone again” and, emphatically, has settled: “Of course, they don’t count on me.

Aguado: “It’s common sense”
Just minutes later, at Puerta del Sol, Aguado appeared to give an account of the Governing Council meeting as spokesperson, and when asked about 8-M, he gave a very different answer to that of the comrade in the ranks he. To the vice president, the decision of the Government Delegation, to the extent that it is supported by the Ministry of Health, seems “correct, adequate and legitimate”.

“It is important to vindicate rights, that every citizen has the right to freedom of expression, the right to demonstrate, always following the guidelines set by the health authorities themselves,” he defended. He also recalled that before being part of the executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso he was already going to the 8-M demonstration and guaranteed that he will continue to do so because “it is not a cause of any political party” or equality “nobody’s patrimony.”

“As much as there are some determined to throw us out, spit at us, throw cans at us,” Aguado continued, “we will continue going because it is common sense to defend how common a society is made up of men and women who should have the same rights in practice. and obligations “.

Finally, he regretted the “show” this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies, in reference to Vox’s denial in relation to sexist violence, countered with the unanimous applause of the rest of the parties for all the victims of this scourge that several deputies read from the podium.