Georges St-Pierre signs for Marvel awaiting the summit between Khabib and Dana White in the UFC

GSP has signed with Marvel to revert to Georges Batroc’s shoes for the ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​series.
One of the fashionable names in mixed martial arts (MMA) is that of Georges St-Pierre. The Canadian is retired, so it might be strange that he was talked about continuously, but the truth is that for several months there has been speculation about his possible return to the Octagon, arousing the interest of all UFC lovers.

It was when they began to talk about a possible confrontation between Georges St-Pierre and Khabib Nurmagomédov that the former returned to the arena of media impact. Sil’di’s was still active at that time and had the main challenge for his career in the Canadian.

Then came Khabib’s retreat. ‘The Eagle’ after winning Gaethje announced that he was leaving his career as a fighter due to the death of his father from Covid-19. “I promised my mother that this was going to be my last fight. Next week they will be able to say that I have won 29 fights, that I am the best in history in my weight, number one in the world in pound for pound because I deserve, “said the Russian.

Since Khabib retired, there have been many rumors about his return. It is especially Dana White himself, the millionaire president of the UFC, who bets on this return that would aim to break all records, it must be remembered that the fight that generated the most PPV purchases was the one that Nurmagomédov himself starred against Conor McGregor.

Next summit

The meeting between ‘The Eagle’ and Dana White will take place in Las Vegas in the near future. A summit in which the end of the soap opera on the return or not of Khabib Nurmagomédov to the octagon is expected to be elucidated. The president of the UFC himself explained that anything was possible.

“Khabib feels like he’s accomplished everything in the division. He told me, ‘I’ll watch every fight at UFC 257 and if any of the stars or co-stars do something spectacular, I will fight one of them again,'” Dana White said after meeting. in January with the Russian fighter.

There is talk of Dustin Poirier, who won Conor McGregor, as his possible rival, also of ‘The Notorius’ himself, although Khabib has ruled it out on occasion and, of course, of Georges St-Pierre, who has always been loved face the Russian and that also GSP would be willing to return for that fight.

GSP projects

Whether or not St-Pierre will return to fight in the UFC to face Khabib is unknown, an option for which Dana White has already set a condition: if ‘The Eagle’ wants the fight against GSP he will have to renounce the belt. “If he wants to face Georges St-Pierre, he has to drop the belt. In that case they will be able to face each other,” said the boss.

What is confirmed is that Georges St-Pierre has signed for Marvel. The Canadian already participated in the movie ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ ​​and now returns to the franchise to play the mercenary Georges Batroc again, this time in the series ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’.
The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion has been in charge of announcing the news: “I began to take acting more seriously. I take acting classes every week. The course includes film, camera acting, presentation and English classes “.

“It is a lot of work and I dedicate myself in the same way that I did when I was training to fight. In martial arts you start with the white belt. That is where I have to start as an actor. I have to go back to climb the mountain,” continued Georges St-Pierre.

“I’m a big fan of comics and I brought that passion to my career in MMA. I felt like a true superhero when I was in the Octagon, and when I finished I felt like a normal human being again,” said GSP, who was will return to put in the skin of Georges Batroc.