All About Vivo V23

All About Vivo V23

Renovate or die seems the innate mantra with which they create each mobile, especially if we talk about brands that are allowed to provide striking additions beyond what is necessary as a claim. And in the analysis of the Vivo V23 5G, we find mobile to compete in the mid-range that offers variable aesthetics.

We say it because of that fluorite glass back, which in the model we have tested (the sunshine gold) allows us to have the same mobile that will be gold or blue. It’s not magic. It’s physics, but let’s see if, beyond the hype, the Vivo V23 5G is ready to compete in the most ambitious mid-range.

A sound processor in the shadow of software that looks less than promised

The Vivo V23 includes the Dimensity 920, a barely distinguishable processor from its predecessor (the Density 900 with a bit of extra power). In practice, together with the 12 GB of RAM of the model we tested, we notice that it gives enough ability to move any task, even heavy games like ‘Genshin Impact.’ However, we don’t find the fluidity we have seen in similar phones like the Find X5 Lite (with 8 GB of RAM and the Density 900). to the heavy of the system in general, as we will now comment.

Something to highlight in this section, and for good, is that they fulfill what was promised, and the mobile does not heat up at all, dissipating heat very well in games and more intensive uses.

One mobile, two colors, and zero stereo

Using an iPhone 13 Pro as a personal iOS mobile, you don’t know how many times I’ve tried to place the Vivo V23 5G in the MagSafe charger. The dimensions, materials, and shapes are pretty reminiscent of Apple smartphones, with right-angled edges that move away from the curvatures that we usually see in most current mobiles, in addition to the presence of aluminum and glass in the structure.

The construction and choice of materials exude quality and resistance, being a mobile somewhat less comfortable than those with curved edges (but without disturbing, it is not difficult to get used to). Special mention to the flat back that doesn’t get a bit dirty and doesn’t slip, either.

Although the literal change of color occurs when it receives ultraviolet rays, the reflection of the mobile already reveals this duality. These photographs were taken at the exact moment; we have simply varied the degree of a lateral inclination concerning the camera.

What is striking: is the change in color of the rear. When they do not give it ultraviolet rays, the Vivo V23 looks golden, while when receiving them, it becomes blue, the same one that we can see depending on how we reflect light. Is it useful for something? No. Is it new? Yes. Is it just as pretty in one color or another? It depends on the taste of each one. Still, it seems to us that in both cases, it is an aesthetically fashionable and quite sophisticated mobile, far from other more youthful or histrionic designs and materials.

At the base, there is no hole for the audio minijack, but for the USB type C, the SIM tray, and the speaker. The physical buttons are to one side, perhaps a bit high, and the fingerprint reader is inserted into the screen.

This fingerprint reader works very well regardless of what animation we configure, although facial recognition usually wins the game (unless we wear a mask). This unlocking will be effective in the dark as long as we bring the mobile a little closer, thanks to the resource of lighting the screen.

Spinning with the screen, the Vivo V23 5G presents a 6.44-inch AMOLED panel with up to 90 Hz refresh rate and FullHD + resolution, so it does not stand out among its own, but at the same time, it is at the minimum that we see in the high end.

A panel that comes quite saturated from the factory even with the lowest setting in this regard, although it is not something that impoverishes the experience and in general it is good with it at the level of color temperature and contrast, being able to make some adjustments in the configuration of screen. The automatic brightness works well, and the maximum is sufficient for the correct display when the sun shines directly.

Screen settings.

As for the refresh rate, it can be said (anticipating the next point) that 90 Hz is noticeable for good, although not as in other cases. This is related to performance, as we will see below.

At the sound level, it seems to us that, like the OPPO Find X5 Lite, the absence of stereo sound in a mobile that could blindly be classified as high-end makes no sense. The single speaker sounds good, but the audio is of average quality and not very rich in dynamic range and depth as it could have been.