Bose Sport Earbuds

All About Bose Sport Earbuds

It is worth it to play sports enlivened with music, podcasts, or to follow training online, not just any pair of headphones or earphones. With golf tee-style earbuds like AirPods and many others, the chance of slipping out of your ears is much higher than with models that fit snugly around the ear, like Bose Sport Earbuds. They are specific to exercise and are so comfortable that it seems that you are not wearing them.

Simple touch controls but no noise cancellation

You can take the Bose Sport Earbuds with you to the gym or train outdoors without worrying about them getting wet from sweat or rain or any other splash of water since they are IPX4 certified.

Whether playing music and podcasts or talking on the phone, the headphones have not given us any sound problems. The audio stands out; it sounds crisp and clear, just as you would expect from a product from a manufacturer with much experience in this area.

Touch controls respond quickly and efficiently to touches. We have found them very easy to control playback and answer calls (just double tap on the right earbud to pause the music and start a phone conversation), as well as to go to the next song (with double taps on the left one). . When you take off the right earphone, the audio is automatically paused. If you prefer, you can configure the left earphone from the app so that instead of skipping tracks, it informs you by the voice of the battery level. Selecting this option in the app allows you to answer a call automatically when you put on the right earphone. To activate the voice assistant, press and hold the right earbud, instantly starts on the phone.

The headphones only allow these basic and essential adjustments. You can’t mess around with thousand-and-one possibilities since they don’t have noise cancellation or any other option to adapt to ambient sound. To control the volume, you must take the phone out of the bag to regulate it from the physical button or the Bose application.

As far as the Bluetooth connection is concerned, they have worked well and connected the first time. You can link them to several phones, but if you want to switch to another cell phone from the app, you must disconnect and activate the other you want to use with the headphones.

Battery less than expected

In autonomy, the brand promises up to five hours on a single charge. In our tests, it has not reached this time; they have given us almost four hours of podcasts uninterruptedly. The earphones offer a voice warning when the battery is running low, but only five minutes in advance, so you should immediately put them in the case when you are informed. This indicates the charge level with several lights on the front to know when you should plug it in and thus have it ready to fill the Bose Sport Earbuds battery at any time.

Every time you put them on, it tells you the battery percentage and the name of the phone they connect to. If you want to know how much autonomy you have left, you open the app, and this information comes separately in each headset.

Don’t let their ostentatiousness fool you: they adapt wonderfully.

Bose Sport Earbuds consist of three elements: the earphone itself, the pads to insert them into the ears, and particular wings or fins, so they do not fall out. All materials are high quality, as with all Bose products. The oval part contains all the technology, and the area that remains on the outside acts as a touch surface to control playback. This part protrudes entirely from the ear, giving the wearer a look that reminds us of Frankenstein from the 1931 film directed by James Whale (although the main character’s nails come from his neck and not from his ears).

Unlike other wireless headphone pads, the ones on this model are not circular, but the shape resembles a cone. This format, together with the fact that they are made of extremely soft silicone, adapt incredibly well to the hole in the ear, with absolutely no pain after several hours of use. The fins are also made of this same type of rubber that is so pleasant to the touch, and they are the key so that the Bose Sport Earbuds hold very well and do not fall out even if you are suddenly exercising head movements. Of course, it is essential that you choose the size of these fins well (they come in three dimensions in the box).

put on the headphones as directed by the company in the Bose Music app.

With the fins integrated into the headset, they are somewhat bulky. That is why their case is more extensive than similar models, for example, the Sony WF-XB700, which already seemed a bit uncomfortable to store with tight pants. However, this will not be a problem if you carry it in your backpack, gym bag, or a loose pocket of a sports jacket.