1MillionBot creates the first ‘chatbot’ for the Covd-19 vaccination campaign

The Alicante company 1MillionBot has just presented the first intelligent assistant that can report on the Covid-19 vaccination campaign. The chatbot, which bears the name Salva, allows the entire vaccination process to be efficiently addressed with a triple service action: information, management of the vaccination schedule and official certification.

The assistant, while facilitating access to information and transparency to the citizen, avoids saturation of the helplines of the health administrations. In addition, you can manage the process easily for citizens by integrating all the operations of the vaccine processes.

Smart assistant

The smart assistant offers all relevant information available 24 hours a day. Answer the questions about the vaccine and vaccination adapting to each country or autonomous community.

In the case of Spain, the Salva chatbot can provide official Health responses on what vaccines will be available, what to do in the event of adverse reactions, contraindications, benefits of vaccination, deadlines …

On the other hand, this virtual assistant also organizes the vaccination appointment with each patient in a personalized way. As well as, in collaboration with the Health Service of an Autonomous Community, it can coordinate the entire citation process, date reminders, and send the summons to each citizen to be vaccinated.

On the other hand, 1Millionbot, in collaboration with Lucentia Lab, manage the certification through the Smart Assistant through blockchain technology-Alastria or the official means established in each case.

This information service can also be accessible to the user on WhatsApp, Telegram and other social networks.