The benefits of car rental in Iran

Why should we use car rental in Iran?

As you know, Iran has four seasons you can travel there in each season that you like. For the best experience, you can use a car rental in Iran.

Iran, with a history of ten thousand years, is located in southwest Asia and the Middle East, with an area of ​​about 1,648,195 square kilometers, which is one of the eighteenth countries in the world in terms of area. It is bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan to the north, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to the east, Turkey and Iraq to the west, and the Persian Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman to the south. You can use a car rental Iran and enjoy your trip to this country.

Iran’s automobile industry, with a history of about 45 years, is the most active in Iran after the oil industry and is currently an important part of the entire industry and national economy. But, some people can’t buy a car and travel with them. So they use car rental in Iran.

Using a car rental in Iran is the best choice for all the people who don’t have a car or don’t like driving a car.

No loss of depreciation costs

The big advantage of using a car rental compared to having your car when renting a car is that the depreciation costs are not reduced. Consumers not only enjoy the full use of the types of cars or car models that car rental offers to the driver but also the driver will not have to worry about vehicle breakdown while driving. In many cases, a new car will lose more than 30% of its total value when the car consumer drives long distances. So, you can rent a car and escape this big problem.

Diverse models

One of the biggest benefits of renting a car is the wide range of cars and models they offer for rent. These models can range from small and economical hatchbacks to giant models and long chassis.

Depending on your interest and budget, you can rent the car you want and enjoy driving it.

Car repair

If you do not inspect and repair your car normally, the result will be very catastrophic, which will lead to huge costs during major repairs due to negligence on the part of the car owner.

When renting a car, you no longer need to spend a lot of money on repairs. Car rental companies perform these maintenance and repair measures after each customer uses them, and the car renter can use them only by refueling orbiting the car. This work helps you to save your money and your time in the best way.

Car rental conditions

The conditions and documents required for car rental in each company are different. Before renting a car, it is better to check the documents and conditions of the car you are considering and then proceed to book your car. Necessary conditions for renting a car in our company are:

  1. Suitable age requirements (at least 20 years old)
  2. Driving license
  3. Need to provide a valid proof of employment or residence
  4. Provide a copy of a valid ID card
  5. Fare and cash deposit (deposit) and check
  6. After checking the required conditions and documents, you can rent your car with or without a driver.

The best places for visiting in Iran with your rental car

When you rent a car in Iran, you can visit all the perfect places that we have in this country. In each season, you can visit one city or one place with your family or your friends.

  • Naghsh-e-Jahan Square of Isfahan

Naghsh Jahan Square the historical name of Shah Square and after the 1978 Iranian Revolution with the official name of Imam Square is the central square of Isfahan, which is located in the heart of the Naghsh Jahan historical complex.

  • Heyran Pass, Astara Road to Ardabil

Hiran is the name of a village in Gilan and due to its beautiful nature, it is considered one of the most popular places in Iran. One side of the mountain and the other side of the Aghchai River surrounded this pass.

  • Shushtar Khuzestan water structures

The historical water structures of Shushtar are interconnected complex that was built during the Achaemenid to Sassanid eras to make the most of water, and famous travel writers and archaeologists have mentioned this area as the largest industrial complex before the Industrial Revolution.

  • Hsfezieh, Shiraz

Hafeziyeh is a tomb complex located in the north of Shiraz and the south of the Quran Gate and houses the tomb of one of the greatest poets in the world.

We have lots of perfect places in Iran that you should visit for once. You can use car rental in this country and start your travel.