Consumption alerts to the risk of consuming this popular ‘super’ chocolate

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety issues an alert to warn of the presence of beta-lactoglobulin, a harmful protein for intolerant people.
The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, which depends directly on the Ministry of Consumption, has just published a new food alert for the presence of beta-lactoglobulin in a chocolate that is marketed in our country. Beta-lactoglobulin is a protein found in cow’s milk whey and that, if used in the production of a certain product, must be indicated on the label, something that has not happened in this case.

Nutritional Value

According to Aesan, the incident was known thanks to an alert notification sent by the health authorities of the Netherlands through the European Food Alert Network (Rasff). Specifically, it is Little Love Dark Vanilla brand chocolate, with batch number 200706DV, best before date 07/06/21 and sold in units of 65 grams.

In theory, as the agency points out, the chocolate would only have been distributed in Andalusia. The Aesan has already transferred all the data to the competent health authorities through the Coordinated System for Rapid Exchange of Information (Sciri). “As a precautionary measure, it is recommended to those consumers who are allergic and / or intolerant to milk protein, who may have the aforementioned product in their homes, to refrain from consuming it,” says Aesan.

In the same way, the agency points out that “the consumption of this product does not entail any risk” for the rest of the consumers, so they could take this chocolate without any problem.