Amazon presents the look of its new US headquarters ‘inspired by nature’

A double helix-shaped building will be in the center of three 22-story buildings. The venture will be built in the city of Arlington, in northern Virginia.

Amazon unveiled on Tuesday (2) a project “inspired by nature” for its second headquarters, which will be built in Arlington, in northern Virginia.

The centerpiece of the new development will be a building in the shape of a double helix, surrounded by gardens with plants native to the region.

The project will be part of “HQ2”, which will cost US $ 2.5 billion and will be the second “headquarters” of the technology and e-commerce giant. Currently, the company’s other space is in Seattle, Washington.

“The Propeller at our Arlington headquarters will offer a variety of alternative work environments for Amazon employees amid lush gardens and flowering trees native to the region,” said John Schoettler, vice president of real estate for Amazon, in a statement.

The structure is still a proposal, and the company will need local approval for construction of the building to begin. The expectation is that the project will be completed in 2025, if the guarantee is given.

Amazon has a peculiar structure at its headquarters in Seattle, where there are three sphere-shaped buildings that house 400 species of tropical plants from around the world.

The company has also indicated that it will include an artistic residency program that will allow them to exhibit their work. According to the company, the space will be open to the public on some weekends.

The search for the new headquarters began in September 2017 and led 238 cities to sign up to receive investments from the retailer. The initial plan included a second city, which would be New York, but the idea was dropped in the midst of a political dispute over the plan.

Next decade

HQ2, whose first phase is already under construction, is expected to generate around 25,000 jobs for the area in the next decade.

The second phase, designed by the architecture firm NBBJ, aims to “infuse nature into the urban landscape and create a unique and sustainable environment where our employees can work and invent for our customers,” said Schoettler.

The plan calls for 260,000 square meters of office space in three 22-story buildings.